Miller Transit Take Two Program


All full and part time hourly paid employees of Miller Transit Limited are eligible to take part in the Take Two Safety and recognition program. The following criteria must be met per quarter:

  • To have worked at least 75% of their eligible period. Each employee has to work at least ten weeks of each quarter.
  • To be free of any Preventable Accidents/Incidents during the quarter
  • Be free of any injuries that result in time lost from work following the day of injury.
  • Have a good attendance record. No more than two unexcused absences, late reports or combination of both.
    • “Absence” means any absence not authorized at least three days in advance.
    • “Late Report” means reporting to the Dispatch Office after the report time indicated on the dispatch sheet.
  • Be free of any written violations of Employer Rules or Regulations
  • Attend all mandatory meetings held during the quarter
    • This includes, but is not limited to, Safety meetings, Safety Talks, and Transit Ambassador Course
  • New Hires will be placed into the program at the start of the next three-month cycle following completion of the probationary period.

The following award is based upon each employee’s own Take Two safety performance. The award is earned by meeting the referenced program criteria on a quarterly basis:

  • Each employee will receive one hundred ($100.00) dollars for each quarter that the criteria was met for a total of four hundred ($400.00) dollars per year.

Take Two Three-Month Cycle Year:

  • March 1st to May 31st
  • June 1st to August 31st
  • September 1st to November 30th
  • December 1st to February 28th